A Bridge to Spiritual Discovery and Growth
On behalf of our ministers, Dr. Maurita Wiggins and Rev. Velma Bullington,
our members, friends and staff, we would like to warmly welcome you and
thank you for visiting our web site.

What do people most want in life?
  They want to love and be loved
    They yearn for harmony with family and friends
  Good health
  Financial security
  Peace of mind
And most importantly, to discover that they are known by and can come to
know and experience the Omnipresent God who created them.
We teach practical spiritual Laws based on and found in the example and
teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as well as our Bible and other great
Wisdom Literature. It is in these great ancient teachings that we can find
spiritual principles that enable us to solve modern problems, discover our
immortal, spiritual dimension and lead lives of joyful inner and outer
satisfaction and serenity.
Following the Teachings of Jesus
Celebrating our 47th Year in the Roanoke Valley
33rd Year in our Church
Welcome ~ We're So Glad You're Here
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